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    Slitting and Stocking Locations

    Inventory: We maintain a wide variety of general stock to service our customers’ requirements. In addition, we manage customer specific inventory programs to mitigate long lead times. Unique to Cosmo, our customers have EDI access to monitor inventory levels, open orders as well as the ability to place orders directly into our system.

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    Product Development Support

    On-site Technical Support: We are dedicated to assisting you with product development and any technical support necessary.

    • To enhance the performance of our BOPP Films, we work closely with an array of OEMs and share our learnings with you.
    • We will collaborate with you to help optimize your production costs.

    Lamination Equipment Support: Our experienced technicians are available to help solve your material and machine issues.

Flexible Packaging Films to Enhance Your Brand

Cosmo Films is one of the world’s leading producers of Packaging Films, here to revolutionize the industry with its sustainable & efficient solutions. We offer a wide range of flexible packaging solutions that include Heat Sealable, Non-Heat Sealable, Metalized & Barrier films. Our innovative flexible films resonate with our users & society at large, strengthening companies with their amazing features and role in addressing global concerns of food spoilage, hunger, pollution & plastic recyclability.