Lay-Flat Gloss: 1.2, 1.5mil: Lay-Flat’s technology eliminates curl in humid conditions, making it an excellent choice for offset printed book covers magazines, and other applications where product flatness is critical. This nylon film also offers excellent scuff resistance and a gloss level higher than polypropylene.

Lay-Flat Infinity Velvet: 1.4 mil: Lay-Flat Velvet Infinity has a scuff-resistant surface and very soft feel that protects and enhances the appearance of printed materials. Lay-Flat Infinity Velvet is primarily designed for one-sided lamination. It accepts UV spot coating, foil stamping, and animal and synthetic-based glues.

Lay-Flat DuraMatte: 1.4 mil: Lay-Flat DuraMatte combines patented Lay-Flat technology with a scuff-resistant surface. This unique nylon film eliminates curl in humid conditions and is ideal for applications where product flatness is critical and a beautiful, long-lasting matte finish is desired.